Project Nr. 2018-1-HU01-KA202-047746

Implementation period: 2018-11-01 – 2020-10-31

Project coordinator: Velencei-Tavi, Hungary


Project partners:

EOLAS S.L. , Spain

Learning Detours V.A. Ltd, Cyprus

Razvojna agencija VTA,Croatia

Lietuvos kaimo turizmo asociacija, Lithuania

Interregió Fórum Egyesület, Hungary

Kontakt Szervezetfejleszto es Tanacsado Kft., Hungary


STORIE project is funded under Erasmus+ program and will be developed by 7 partners in 5 European countries (Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Cyprus and Lithuania). During STORIE project implementation we will create an international learning tool that will be freely accessible to everyone on the internet.  The aim of this project and partners is to improve the competitiveness of small rural companies by developing their skills and capacities to design and promote sustainable tourism products based on intangible cultural heritage.

The objectives of STORIE include sharing best practices and methodologies for the development of tourism product design and marketing skills; adaptation and update of existing training programmes to create a new, tailored learning programme and a multilingual online learning tool on product design and marketing in rural tourism. Another very important goal is to encourage cooperation among small rural companies and facilitation of the development of local business communities.

The project will produce three main Intellectual Outputs. The STORIE Learning Programme and Learning Tool which will be available in Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Lithuanian, Croatian and English, and will be tested and validated in all project countries. The third Output - STORIE Insights and Experiences - a set of targeted guidelines - will build on the first two outcomes and will be developed in the end of the project, in all partner languages and English.


Projct activities:

  • First meeting of partners in Larnaca, Cyprus on November 28, 2018.