Travel around Lithuania


Upon arrival in Lithuania the question arises: how to reach the place of accommodation or the objects you want to see? Lithuania is a small country with easy and convenient access to even the most remote corner. Here you will find the best way offers how to travel around in Lithuania.

Public transport

Travel with bus or trolleybus

Every region of Lithuania has a well-organized bus and trolleybus infrastructure which will help you get to your desired location quickly, cheap and comfortable.

The five largest cities in Lithuania are Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys. So here are some useful links, where you can find buses or trolleybus schedules in the biggest cities of Lithuania:

*Ticket prises in buses and trolleybuses can cost from 50 euro cents, up to 2 euros. The price usually is written inside the bus, near the driver.

Or you can download mobile applications from „GooglePlay“ to find the routes even faster:

  • Busai Vilnius
  • Busai Kaunas
  • Busai Klaipėda

If you want to travel by intercity buses, you can buy tickets here: https://www.autobusubilietai.lt/

„CityBee“: rent a car, a bike, a van or even a scooter

“CityBee” is a car sharing service that allows you to have a car easily and quickly when and where you need it. Fuel, insurance and parking are free - you only pay for the time you use the car. “CityBee” include the lightweight urban bees Toyota Yaris or Mini One, both the luxury BMW X1 or VW Arteon, as well as the cargo Fiat Doblo and Fiat Ducato. Also you can ren a car by only downlaoding "CityBee" appand you don`t need to do any paper work.

All the information about “CityBee” services you can find here: https://www.citybee.lt/lt or on mobile application: „CityBee".


Travel with “Bolt”

Choose your destination, book a Bolt car, meet a driver and enjoy your trip. That`s everything you need to do to have a fast trip with „Bolt“. It`s almost like a taxi, but costs way cheaper and is similar to an Uber.

All the information about „Bolt“ services and how to use it you can find here: https://bolt.eu/lt/ or on mobile application: „Bolt“


Travel by train

Train travel is one of the most popular ways to get to your desired vacation destination. So, you can use the largest railway company in the Baltic states – "Lithuanian Railways" to travel around Lithuania and other neighbor countries.

Here you can find more info about “Lithuanian Railways”, routes, stations: www.litrail.lt

Here you can check out current train routes in Lithuania, buy tickets and get best suggestions for interesting routes: https://www.traukiniobilietas.lt/portal/