Lithuanians are dexterous people who used to make everything with their own hands!

Amber necklaces filled with warmth of the sun... A fragrant of freshly carved tub... Iron softening in a blacksmith’s forge... Wicker baskets heaped with autumn’s wealth... Knits that keep you warm during even the coldest winter... And a pitcher crafted by a potter, full to the brim with homemade gira.

Lithuania gives you inexhaustible vaults of cultural heritage and presents unique products hand- crafted by locals. Lithuanians can boast centuries-old craft traditions. The artisans here work with love...

Available in Lithuanian and three foreign languages (English, German, Russian), this website presents 30 traditional Lithuanian crafts that have been certified as National Heritage Products, with links to places where you can learn about them in more depth.

The website also presents Lithuania’s UNESCO cultural heritage sites. The echo of the song and dance festivals that rings in the heart of every Lithuanian... The wooden crosses that greet you when you come home... The old roofs of Vilnius... The mystical tranquillity of the Curonian Spit and its horizons... It is not by chance that the world has recognised our natural and cultural legacy...

Travel around Lithuania! Get to know its culture and traditions!

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Each country’s crafts are one of the most important and interesting parts of its culture. Learn about Lithuanian crafts. Their genius lies in their simplicity!
Artisans specialising in traditional Lithuanian crafts invite you to learn, see, try, experience and create with your own hands. Become an artisan for a day!
According to 2019 data, there are over 1,600 cultural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and even seven of them are in Lithuania. Have you seen them all?
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