Welcome to Lithuania

You are welcome to enjoy Lithuania!

Lithuania is one of the Baltic states with a territory of 65 300 km2 and population of 2 800 670 people.

Our country has rich history which includes times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania which lasted from 13th until 16th century, after signing the Union of Lublin the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth existed until the end of 18th century, followed by incorporation into Russian empire, short 22 years of Republic of Lithuania in the beginning of 20th century and dramatic action during World War II after which came forced joining to Soviet Union. Since 1990 we are independent again, but every turn of our history can be seen while traveling.

When you are visiting our countryside you can follow the footprints left by Polish, Russian, German and Lithuanian noblemen as well as simple farmers. History and present days have found their cross points in the tourism. You can stay for the night in beautiful manors - hotels, you can enter museums which have found homes in the historic castles and farmyards, you can enjoy the feel of nature while taking a walk in a trail near your guest house or swim in the river which flows by the camping you stay in.

While visiting Lithuania use your chance to get to know ancient traditions you can still see in many of the Lithuanian countryside farms, some of them will provide you with great local meal, some will invite to take part in old crafts workshops, some will demonstrate their national costumes or songs and dances.

If you really want to get to know the heart and soul of Lithuania, visit members of Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association and enjoy the best service and products in more than 400 homesteads!