Weather in Lithuania


Lithuania is located in a cool temperate zone with moderate warm summers and moderate cold winters. The average temperature in July is about 17 ° C and about -5 ° C in winter. Lithuania has very hot summers with temperatures up to 35 ° C and very cold winters with temperatures down to -25 ° C and nights down to -30 ° C.

The highest ever air temperature in Lithuania was + 37.5 ° C and the lowest temperature was -42.9 ° C which was fixated in Utena.

Source: wikipedia.com


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Lithuania is characterized by its seasonality, where every season is felt, seen and heard. Therefore, when traveling, it is important to take into account the current season as well, choosing activities that are suitable for summer, spring, autumn or winter.


Summer in Lithuania is the warmest time of the year. The average daily temperature in July is about 17 ° C, with an average daily air temperature rising to 23 ° C. Temperatures of up to 30 ° C and above occur during tropical latitudes (anticyclones). Clear weather prevails.

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In spring, the lowest precipitation is about 30 mm. Mostly in March, when the weather is more cold. Precipitation decreases at the beginning of April, with average highs of around 10 ° C and warming to 15-20 ° C at the end of the month. May is usually the driest month of the year. Mostly cloudy weather prevails. The air temperature rises to 22 ° C, sometimes to 28-30 ° C.

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The air temperature still rises to 20 ° C at the beginning of September, but as the autumn progresses, the weather in Lithuania gradually cools. Increasingly cloudy, with light rain or drizzle. In October and November the air temperature is about 10 ° C with frequent rainfall. In November, the rain is often replaced by slush and snow. Frequent snow cover often occurs.

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Winter in Lithuania is cold and changeable. Frequent Atlantic cyclones, which often bring a thaw, are dominated by snow, slush and rain. Sometimes an anticyclone stabilizes - colder weather with negative temperatures, more overcast and less rainfall prevails. The average perennial winter temperature in Lithuania is -5 ° C. Coastal regions (Klaipėda, Palanga, Neringa, Šilutė) are predominantly warmer than average (the average perennial temperature is -2 ° C).

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