Innovations for rural tourism business

A measure to promote innovations in the tourism sector

About the project

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation has initiated a new measure in order to encourage innovative activities in the tourism sector in Lithuania by creating, improving and presenting tourism services and training employees of tourism companies.

The aim of the project

Project "Innovations for Rural Tourism Business" will help to implement innovative activities for the development and improvement of rural tourism services, marketing and training of employees in the tourism sector. Implemented website improvement measures will facilitate the integrated presentation and direct ordering of rural tourism services. The strengthened brand "Atostogos kaime" will improve the position of the association and its members in the market, the availability and attractiveness of quality rural tourism services. With the training of employees in the rural tourism sector, innovative entrepreneurs will become more competitive in the accommodation market, will be able to create, implement and use innovations.

Project can be:
• started not earlier than 01-03-2020,
• completed no later than 30-11-2020.

The project received a grant of EUR 53909.91. The funding provided is de minimis aid.

About the project - https://mita.lrv.lt/lt/veiklos-sritys/programos-priemones/turizmo-inovacijos