Culinary heritage products

Activities: getting acquainted with Tatar dishes, their history, cooking, tasting feast.

Duration of training: depends on the amount of people.

The trainings are being held in Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, Turkish, Tatar.

Seasonality: all year round.

Other entertaimnents
Patogus poilsis slidininkams
Activities: getting acquainted with the history of gingerbread, making gingerbread, kneading dough, baking, decorating and tasting. The duration of the training is 1-1.5 hours. The trainings are being held in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian in Vilnius. Seasonality: all year round.
Production program of Tree Cake
Tree cake – is a high and empty conditery bakery, which is baked on a rotary broach by pouring thin layers of dough. The tree cake came to Lithuania from Germany at the end of the nineteenth century, and it became popular in the whole region of Suvalkija. It was begun to be baked in parsonages and monasteries. A tree cake has been an integral part of the Lithuanian festive table since ancient times. The specialty is in the appearance and taste of a tree cake. When you make a...
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