Farm "Turaidas"

This farm produces herbal teas and satchels of tea from lemon balm, raspberries, tansy, lady’s mantles, plantago and linden blossoms as souvenirs and gifts, as well as honey from local hives. The lady of the house will be happy to tell you about life in the countryside and take you on an educational tour featuring medicinal plants, beekeeping and fence buildings. She will also offer tastings of products from the farm. It has a biological farming certificate, so much attention is focused on the popularisation of a healthy lifestyle. Clients can purchase teas made of raspberries, blackberries, linden blossoms, meadowsweet, yarrow, birch leaves, white nettles, etc.

The small garden has a large collection of herbs and medicinal plants from which herbal teas are produced. There are also traditional vegetables, flowers, and three ancient varieties of strawberries. The lady of the house offers lectures about life on the countryside, including medicinal teas, bee-keeping and traditional fence building.