Program “Rye Bread Dumplings“

Number of sleeping places
From 10
From 40 €

Activities: preparation for bread baking, getting acquainted with various bread baking tools, grinding of grain, kneading the bread dough, shaping the loaf of the bread, baking, bread dumplings cooking, tasting.

Seasonality: all year round

Educational activity is in Lithuanian (in Samogitian)

Other entertaimnents
Sauna with cold water barrels
Table tennis, biliards
Fostering of Samogitian ethnocultural traditions
The producer of certified culinary heritage dishes in the village of Berzoras has accumulated a great baggage of knowledge and is proud of certification of popular Samogitian cuisine. This is a cold Samogitian soup – cibulyne (onion soup), herring in brine, hemp cracklings ( spirgynė) , kvass and kastinys , which is included in UNESCO. Together with her daughter, the producer leads the educational program for the cultivation of Samogitian ethno-cultural traditions ....
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