Zanavyku Ragaucius

Activities: getting acquainted with the Zanavykai traditions, feast, culinary attractions


“Zanavykų ragaucius” without training* 1 hour

“Zanavykų ragaucius” with training* 1,5 hours

“Zanavykų ragaucius” with Zanavykai museum educational sessions. 2-3 hours

The educational program is being held in Lithuanian language.

Seasonality: all year round

Other entertaimnents
Vandens dviračiai, valtys
Acorn coffee
Activities: getting acquainted with the history and tradition of coffee and tea production, monitoring the production process and tasting. Duration of educational training 1- 1.5 hours Educational trainings are being held in Lithuanian. Seasonality: all seasons. Educational trainings are organized in Utena.
Paprasta pirtis
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