Homestead "Po Vienu Rūmu"

Po Vienu Rūmu
Grybiškių k. 6, Poškonių sen., Šalčininkų r.
    • June
    • 2024
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Partially reserved
LCTA assessment
Homestead comfort level
It marks the qualification (comfort) categories of rural tourism homesteads. They are provided by the Association Council to their members providing rural recreation and rural tourism services, taking into account the level of  farmstead installation and provision of rural recreation services. All the homesteads of the members of the Association are divided into 5 categories, giving them one-, two-, three-, four- and five-stork signs. These categories of comfort are determined according to the classification requirements approved by the Association Council.
Study Leisure
Quiet rest
Relax with the family
Nature-friendly farmstead
Fun at the farmstead
Educational trail
We organize sightseeing tours 
Possibility to fish in natural water bodies
Possibility to fish in stocked water bodies
Possibility to pick berries
Possibility to pick mushrooms
Bicycle path
Homestead Advantages
Tent place
Suitable place for bathing
Pets are allowed
Wireless Internet
Hot tub
Provision of tourism information
Table games
No smoking inside
Camping Advantages
Parking is allowed
Prevailing grass soil
Hosts speak
Guests are welcome
all the year round
Hosts live not in the farmstead but arrive on demand 
The homestead was found in 2018 m.
Became a member of LCTA: 2019 m.
Places for tents
Sleeping places
To 15
Seating capacity in the building
Homestead by
600 m
to the lake
10 m
to the river Gauja
10 m
to the pond
50 m
to the forest Truinų
61 km
to the city Vilnius
1 km
to the station or stop
61 km
to the airport
3 km
Grocery stores
6 km
Catering establishments

Have you ever been in Lithuania, a Baltic country which language is one of the oldest Indo-European languages alive? A country that cares deeply about its’ history and ethnic culture and you can perfectly feel it in various contemporary art forms, modern folklore songs, but also find some real authentic villages that are still alive. Maybe it is time to visit us?


Our family values our culture very much too, that is why we recreated an authentic ethnographic house with all the authentic attributes of an old Lithuanian house: small windows, high doorsteps and low ceilings will let you experience how village people used to live more than a 100 years ago. When you enter you immerse into other age and become embraced by the scent of natural wood from which our house was built. You are more than welcome to spend some magical time here with your family or friends and get some really deep rest. Our wooden house is warm and cosy, built from ecological materials. It has three bedrooms with 8 beds, kitchen, shower and WC. You will also find an arbour, a terrace, a swing and a barbecue for your good nature time outside.


Moreover, the location itself is very special too. It has not been touched by the great ice age so it is exclusive with flat hills, wide river valleys, mild soils and most importantly with ethnographic villages that are alive and continues for a few kilometers straight! Our village Grybiškės belongs to the Ethnographic Reserve of Dieveniškės and is 60km away from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius where you can also find some magical experiences paved in its’ charming Old Town. This location is also  exclusuve because it is really multicultural and multilingual. You can also visit an old mysterious nearby monastery of Norviliškės.


Lets’ meet in this deep atmosphere where you can relax in live nature and live history.