This farm is in a lovely location on the western side of the Talsi hillocks, offering a look at Talsi and its area. This is an open farm with grows and processes apples (dried apples, apple chips, apple juice). Visitors are offered an informative tour, with a chance to taste and purchase the products. The farm is in a protected natural area -- the Talsi Hillocks Nature Park. There is an area for tenting during the summer. The owners will teach you to produce a crown from fruit tree branches. It also breeds escargot. The gardens of the farm stretch across the hillocks, and there are several types of local apple trees that are nurtured by the lady of the house. An informative stand alongside the farm features information about the most important values of the nature park.

The farm produces rhubarb, pumpkin and quince candies, apple chips, juices and jams, and tourists can purchase all of these. It welcomes groups of children who can tour the orchard and taste the products. The farm has several types of sweet cherry trees, and it is integrated on 24 hectares of land. 2.5 ha of this is devoted to the apple orchard, which produces 30 tonnes of fruit each year to produce apple chips, dried apples, apple juice, etc. The owners will teach you to produce a crown from fruit tree branches.