Berghof Milk Estate

This restored historical estate has a luxurious hotel with 23 rooms and the Rose Saloon where dishes are offered from locally grown ingredients. Pamper yourself in the spa salon with milk baths and massages. There is a sauna with a fireplace hall, small pool, aromatic steam bath and sauna. Lovers of sauna rituals have access to a white countryside sauna and a black stone sauna. There are facilities for larger and smaller celebrations. There is an area for caravans, as well as tennis courts for athletes. Visit the Milk Museum to learn all about milk. You can try your hand at milking a cow and churning butter that you can taste after it is done. You can listen to a speaking little cow, Venta, who will talk about the origins of milk. Also resident on the state are deer, sheep and horses named Mia and Mara. The estate is surrounded by an apple orchard and park, with all trees labelled. Next door is the Garīki farm, where mushrooms are grown. It is also worth a visit. The estate is on the edge of the Southern Courlandian Highlands, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

The park at the estate was installed in the 1980s and is currently being restored. There is a rosarium next to the guesthouse. Only a few apple trees have survived, though one of them offers an outstanding healthy variety of apples, “Prinzenapfel.” This rare and historical variety can be found in old gardens in Kurzeme.