The Upmaļi enviroment and health farm

The Healing Gardens is a part of the Upmaļi biological farm that occupies 125 ha of land. The 4th generation of Bergmanis family runs the farm. Māra and Dainis, the present farm owners, involve their family members to work for preservation of the old and rare fruit and berry cultivars that have been planted in the 30-ties of the previous century. The gardens also contain tree varieties that have medicinal powers and some rare varieties like elder, walnut tree, edible chestnut, mulberry tree and others. Together with the herb plantations, the Healing Gardens cover over 12 ha of land. The hosts have over 30 years experience in natural healing and Ayurvedic tradition. Based on this experience, they produce teas, balsams, creams, oils and other products under the brand name AnnaABergmans.

Upmaļi is a biological farm that specialises in medicinal plants that are used to produce teas, hydrolats, infusions, substances with glycerine, etc. The garden covers eight hectares, including various uncommon useful plants such as the broad whitetop, various herbs, rhubarb plants that date back to the age of aristocrats, as well as old orchards, including a rare apple cultivar that is not found anywhere else in Latvia. Four types of colourful wild apple trees have grown on the farm since the 1930s, and three of them still produce fruits. Old gooseberry plants may also date back to the aristocratic era, as is the case with three types of lilac and some ten types of cherries. The farm also has local types of apple trees, most of them planted by the owner of the farm in the 1930s. More recent are Greek nut trees.