Baltic Bath House

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4 hours
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You will be accompanied by professional bathhouse attendants.

“It’s better to try it once than to hear about it a hundred times”! – is the most appropriate saying for this diversion.

We invite you to spend an evening in the Lithuanian sauna, otherwise also called the Baltic steam sauna.  Professional bathhouse attendants Aušra and Edvinas – from “Pirties ratas” – will shatter all the myths about sauna baths and will turn even the biggest sauna-bath dislikers into the fans of this procedure. Throughout the evening you will realise how many die-hard and truly false claims are made about sauna baths: that you must be prepared to endure the heat; that you may not open the door of the sauna; that it’s VERY hot there; that it is a place just for body-cleansing or for feasting, and many other things that are spoiling the image of sauna baths.
It is gratifying that the culture of sauna baths is changing and that there are increasingly many more people who are interested in and rediscover sauna baths. Sauna baths that are far from a torture chamber; sauna baths that, conversely, are relaxing, fragrant, pleasantly warm, liberating and rejuvenating. You just have to try it.
During the session of the 4 Elements programme*, we will narrate a surviving story about the Lithuanian tradition of steam sauna baths, will put you through the ritual sauna-bath programme, and will teach you how to handle yourself in the sauna so that after the sauna bath you would feel as if you have gained a deeper knowledge of yourself and have shaken off all your tensions, fears and stresses.

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