“Weaving of Easter palm”


Today, Easter palm binders can be found in many parts of Lithuania. Craftswoman from the village of Čekoniškės, who binds the Easter palms, invites everyone to come to the house (Lith. seklycia), where visitors will hear authentic, detailed information about folklore, traditional crafts, folk medicine and other interesting things.

The purpose of the educational program

To introduce the tradition of binding Easter palms in Vilnius region, how it differs from the traditions of other regions, to spread the message about traditional crafts and folklore.

Activities: At the beginning of education, the craftswoman will present for 10 min. the raw material (dried grass, hazel stalk), tools (scissors or knife, thread), show the technique of binding the Easter palms and show the beginning and end of the binding. Each participant individually binds the Easter palms with the help of a craftswoman. Participants, who will participate in education not for the first time, will be able to bind the Easter palm individually from raw material prepared for them according to their own creative idea.

Duration of education: 1 – 2 hours.

Number of participants: by agreement with craftsman. When a larger group is collected, several folk artists can lead the education.

Seasonality: all year round.

Languages: Lithuanian, Polish, Russian.

Pre-registration required!

Traditional craftsman certificate no. 00377, dated 02.11.2011.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund