“Old Dzukian craft – weaving”


Dzūkija region has long been known not only for hardworking, friendly and hospitable people, but also for various crafts. In the past, women from the countryside used to go to one house and spend time together. Once gathered, they weaved, pulled feathers, knit, embroidered, braid, and made straw gardens.

The villages of this land were least affected by civilization. Wooden houses of Dzūkija region have survived here, most of them with weaving looms, spinning wheels and other antique items. Therefore, the artisan that lives here can engage her listeners not only with stories, but practically show them the craft, and anyone who wants to, can try it with their own hands. During her education, the craftswoman passes her knowledge and love for Lithuanian traditions to the listeners and can offer educations on different crafts.

The purpose of the educational program

To revive, cherish and preserve crafts in Dzūkija, as the villages get older every year, the traditions, customs and craft secrets of the country are gradually forgotten. To acquaint with the weaving craft, its history, techniques, to teach how to make its own work.

Activities: During education you will learn about the traditional craft - weaving, its history, legends and techniques. The craftswoman will teach how to make a verb, a straw garden, or to weave a basket from bast. Everyone will make their own piece of work that you will be able to bring home. During the education, the craftswoman will serve herbal tea collected by herself and will tell about the customs and traditions of Dzūkija region.

Duration of education: 1,5 – 3 hours.

Number of participants: up to 40 persons.

Seasonality: all year round.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

Pre-registration required!

Weaving craft certificate no. 00140, dated 22.02.2010.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund