Anniversaries (working days)

1 January

National flag day

15 June

Day of Occupation and Genocide

13 January

Freedom Fighters’ Day

23 June

Day of the June Uprising

8 March

International Women's Day

15 July

The Day of Grunwald Battle

29 March

The Day Lithuania Entered NATO

23 August

Baltic Memorandum

1 May

Lithuanian Accession to European Union Day

31 August

Freedom Day

7 May

Press Recovery, Speech and Book Day

1 September

Science and Knowledge Day

9 May

European Day

8 September

Coronation Day of Vytautas the Great

15 May

International Family Day

25 October

Constitution Day

1 June

International Children‘s Day

2 November

Memorial Day of the Dead

3 June

Day of the Movement

23 November

Lithuanian Army Day

14 June

Day of Mourning and Hope

10 December

International Human Rights Day