“Ribbon Weaving”

Crafts of textile processing

The craftswoman is a Samogitian, a Lithuanian woman to the depths of her heart, so weaving is a way for her to cherish and preserve her nationality. As this craft dates back thousands of years, the craftswoman says we cannot forget its traditions. She believes that as long as at least one weaver is alive, weaving is impossible to disappear. The craftswoman herself was only interested in weaving at the age of 15.

The purpose of the educational program

To engage those around us with a long and rich history of the craft, to demonstrate weaving in practice.

Activities: By participating in education you will learn not only practically but also theoretically the craft of weaving and the most interesting facts about it. One of them is that the principle of machine tools is the same all over the world - even in distant Japan the machine is similar to ours. The ribbons had not only mystical meaning, signs and symbolism, but also practical use. During the education, the craftswoman will present the history, symbolism, examples of practical use of bands and copies of archaeological finds of the Curonian tribe.

Duration of education: 2 hours.

Number of participants: up to 25 persons.

Seasonality: All year round.

Languages: Lithuanian (in Samogitian dialect).

Pre-registration required!

Weaving craft certificate no. 887, dated 14.01.2014.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund