“Weaving from wickers”

Woodworking crafts

Certified artisans, husband and wife, cherish the tradition of weaving together. For many years, they have led educations together, helping one another. In this way, they can focus on each individual in the education, answer all questions, and help if something goes wrong.

The purpose of the educational program

To teach the participants of education the weaving secrets, to reveal the authenticity and fun of the craft. To give each participant the opportunity to try the craft with their own hands.

Activities: During the education you will learn about the history of weaving. After that, certified artisans will provide you with pre-prepared work pieces and all the tools you need. You will then be able to complete your work with the advice and help of artisans.

Craftsmen warn you not to be surprised that the works of all participants will be completely different! With many years of experience, they say that no one could get the same result.

Duration of education: 4 – 5 hours.

Number of participants: 15 – 18 persons.

Place: At your agreed place with the craftsman.

Seasonality: all year round.

Languages: Lithuanian.

Pre-registration required!

Weaving craft certificate no. 00553, dated 09.05.2019.

Weaving craft certificate no. 00552, dated 09.05.2019.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund