“From peasant sandals to boots”

Leatherwork crafts

The craftswoman has been making and restoring medieval footwear of both Lithuania and Western Europe for over 20 years, so it seems symbolic that she chose to live in Kernavė - the old city of merchants and craftsmen. She had nobody to learn from the secrets of ancient shoemaking, so she claims to be completely self-taught. Today the craftswoman says she no longer knows how many pairs of shoes she has sewn. She produces footwear for history reconstructors, folklore collectives and museums, as well as reconstructs new examples of archaeological footwear found in Lithuania, thus complementing a collection of footwear models for the educational works of the 9th-16th centuries.

The purpose of the educational program

To introduce the history of Lithuanian footwear, to demonstrate the technology of production of footwear and to allow each participant to try this craft his/herself.

Activities: Educational activities and training in footwear making are planned to be from 2021. More details will be published later.

Languages: Lithuanian.

Pre-registration required!

Shoemaking craft certificate no. 00053, dated 29.05.2009.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund