In craftswoman’s paper cuts - postcards, paintings, curtains – we can reveal nature, folk art ornaments, stylized plants, birds, angels. With her works, the master participated in more than 70 exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. She has organized 13 authorial exhibitions. She has been working with people with disabilities for more than ten years, organizing creative workshops, campaigns and exhibitions for them.

The purpose of the educational program

To introduce the cutting craft, its history, its significance in the past and present, to teach how to make different cutting artworks.

Activities: During the educational program, you will learn how to cut symmetrical, asymmetrical cuts (cards, pictures, thumbnails) and traditional paper curtains, shelf decorations. The artisan will tell you about the cutting craft, show you where to start and how to make the desired cut.

Duration of education: 2 hours.

Number of participants: 10 persons.

Place: At your agreed place with the craftsman.

Seasonality: All year round.

Languages: Lithuanian.

Pre-registration required!

Trimming craft certificate no. 00720, dated 18.05.2015.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund