Homestead "Baluošo krantas"

LCTA assessment
Homestead comfort level
It marks the qualification (comfort) categories of rural tourism homesteads. They are provided by the Association Council to their members providing rural recreation and rural tourism services, taking into account the level of  farmstead installation and provision of rural recreation services. All the homesteads of the members of the Association are divided into 5 categories, giving them one-, two-, three-, four- and five-stork signs. These categories of comfort are determined according to the classification requirements approved by the Association Council.
From 434.43 €
The whole homestead
Study Leisure
Active leisure
Quiet rest
Family holidays
Fun at the farmstead
Volleyball court
Homestead Advantages
Lithuanian sauna
Hosts speak
Guests are welcome
all the year round
Hosts live in the same farmstead
The homestead was found in 2009 m.
Became a member of LCTA: 2012 m.
Sleeping places
To 31
Seating capacity in the building
Homestead by
10 m
to the lake Baluošas
10 m
to the forest

In the centre of one of the most beautiful places of Aukstaitija National Park reservation, surrounded by Baluosas country side, you will find homestead "Baluosas Bank". We can offer you 10 rooms with amenities, where 28 people can have lodging for the night + 3 children places and 4 more on the second floor of bathhouse. We have 39-seated banquet hall + 6-seated children table. We offer very delicious catering, we have big experience in organizing weddings and anniversaries and hall decorating. In homestead "Baluosas Bank" you can enjoy great bathhouse, kayaking and canoeing, play volleyball. We bring our guest to the place of sailing on the river Buka, which runs throughout Aukstaitija National Park reservation, by sailing up to the bathhouse of the homestead. Highest quality drinking water from borehole of 45 m deep. There is an opportunity to look at the homestead in 3D format at www.relaxinfo.lt