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Project “Heritage based agritourism product development in Latvia – Lithuania” (AGRI-HERITAGE).

Project goals

The goal of this project is to build and promote a sustainable cross-border heritage based agritourism product that is available throughout the programme territory in Latvia and Lithuania, thus preserving cultural heritage, developing and promoting products and services on the basis of the heritage, and facilitating increasing numbers of tourists in the region. The cornerstone for the project are farms that maintain inherited farming, fishing, craftsmanship and food manufacturing and processing traditions.

Project results

1. Heritage agritourism product with 50 farms in LV and 50 farms in LT linked in 10 tour itineraries.

2. Knowledge support to heritage agritourism farms (product criteria, a set of 3 handbooks, informative seminars, product accreditation).

3. A promotional and marketing campaign.


The total budget of this project is 235 881 Eur, out of them funding of European Regional Development Fund is 200 499 Eur.


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