Fabrication of Talismans and Amulets

Number of sleeping places
2 - 10
From 5 €
2 hours
Possible age
from 5
Additional information
You will be provided with all the tools and resources needed

Belief in luck-bringing talismans and amulets is as old as belief in divine supernatural powers. A great many people believe that if you have your own talisman, you will be more often hit by success, you will be happier and will experience more pleasant moments of life.
What is what? To put it briefly, an amulet repels various troubles, whereas a talisman attracts success and coveted things.

During this educational session, you will be introduced to the Baltic protection symbols and patterns and their meanings. You will get a chance to forge for yourself a brass talisman or to fabricate for yourself a protective amulet from wool, canvas, tow and medicinal herbs.