Farm "Jumari"

The Jumari farm is located in Dundaga parish, near Valpene. The 7th generation of the owners’ family run the farm. The farm produces fruit, berries and vegetables. Beautiful flowers and shrubs surround the house. Visitors can tour the farm, learn about growing blackberries and biological farming methods, and enjoy herbal teas. The lady of the house offers small pillows stuffed with grasses, as well as woven bookmarks. She also bakes sklandrauši, the traditional carrot buns. Jumari is one of the destinations along Dundaga Administrative District bicycling routes.

The garden of the farm covers 13.9 ha of unique landscape. The owners are proud of the juniper tree that is 8.5 m high, and the great ash tree. There are ca 30 apple trees in the orchard, red currant, black currant, gooseberries, blackberries. There are also Cydonia oblonga and Sambucus nigra ‘Variegata’. The old orchard hosts cultivars like original crab-apple (Malus sylvestris) and others.