“Fur processing demonstration”

Leatherwork crafts

The Lithuanian Tatar craftsman explains the peculiarities of old fur processing craft and leather making craft at various crafts festivals in different cities of Lithuania, demonstrates the use of natural materials in the fur processing of beasts, in a way that his ancestors once worked. For the craftsman, these activities are not for living now but he processes fur only for his pleasure and for preserving the heritage.

The purpose of the educational program

To protect the Lithuanian national heritage, to show people that the craft of leather processing, all done by hand, is indeed a very complex art.

Activities: The master often reveals the secrets of the fur processing at the ancient craft festivals, fairs. Also, the craftsman can come to an agreed place to conduct an education, during which he will demonstrate the subtleties of fur processing, tell you how to do everything in a natural way, answer questions from participants. Educational programs of the craftsman are demonstrational.

Duration of education: by agreement with craftsman.

Number of participants: by agreement with craftsman.

Place: At your agreed place with the craftsman.

Seasonality: all year round.

Languages: Lithuanian.

Pre-registration required!

Leather craft certificate no. 00561, dated 17.06.2013.

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund