Homestead "Guronys"

LCTA assessment
Homestead comfort level
It marks the qualification (comfort) categories of rural tourism homesteads. They are provided by the Association Council to their members providing rural recreation and rural tourism services, taking into account the level of  farmstead installation and provision of rural recreation services. All the homesteads of the members of the Association are divided into 5 categories, giving them one-, two-, three-, four- and five-stork signs. These categories of comfort are determined according to the classification requirements approved by the Association Council.
30 - 600 €
The whole homestead
Study Leisure
Active leisure
Quiet rest
Relax with the family
Nature-friendly farmstead
Wellness Homestead
Family holidays
Business events
Relax at the farmer's place
Fun at the farmstead
Basketball court
Volleyball court
Soccer field
Water bikes
Possibility to fish in natural water bodies
Possibility to purchase farmed products
Possibility to pick mushrooms
Homestead Advantages
Separate room for seminars
Tent place
Sunbeds and sun umbrellas
Suitable place for bathing
Pets are allowed
Wireless Internet
Catering service
Table tennis
Hot tub
Lithuanian sauna
Area lighting
Table games
No smoking inside
Hosts speak
Guests are welcome
all the year round
Hosts live in the same farmstead
The homestead was found in 2010 m.
Became a member of LCTA: 2011 m.
Sleeping places
To 40
Seating capacity in the building
Homestead by
10 m
to the pond
10 m
to the forest
11 km
to the city
3 km
to the station or stop
20 km
to the airport
6 km
Grocery stores
11 km
Catering establishments

Virtual tour on our website www.sodybaguronys.lt The homestead is situated 8 km away from the highway Vilnius-Kaunas, by turning-off at Rumsiskes-Pravieniskes exit and invites all who want to stay in the grange, in the natural environment near the forest Būda and 7 ha weir. Come! We think, you will leave certainly not disappointed. The homestead offers many accents of the old village, banquet and dance halls built from hand-trimmed logs, decorated with woven rugs and paintings. Banquet-conference hall for up to 40 people, sleeping places for up to 40 people are waiting for guests. Sauna, hot tub, a skating rink into the water, basketball, volleyball, football grounds, trampoline, table tennis and mini game tables, water bike, fishing. You are welcome!!